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2015 Annual Wallace Art Awards

The Annual Wallace Art Awards aim to support, promote and expose New Zealand contemporary art and artists. Sir James Wallace established the Annual Wallace Art Awards 24 years ago. These Awards are now the longest surviving and largest annual art awards of their kind in New Zealand, with a value amounting to over $195,000.

They differ from other important New Zealand art prizes in that they aim to provide challenging opportunities and broadening experiences to the four major winners by way of residencies at top-class international institutions. Many of the winners and finalists of the Awards are purchased by the Trust each year to add to the Collection.

The Awards are given for contemporary New Zealand painting, sculpture, video, drawing and unique photography and print to encourage and develop the visual arts in New Zealand, and in particular to reward artists creating outstanding work.

The finalists are divided into 2 categories: The Travelling Exhibition - from which the four major winners are chosen - and the Salon de Refusé. This painting was selected for the Travelling Exhibition

Tina Frantzen on Wallace Arts Trust

Entr'acte - 2011 Satellite Gallery by Tina Frantzen

Entr’acte:  a pause between acts taking the action from one part of a large-scale drama to the next.

Tina’s fourth solo exhibition at Satellite Gallery is a continuation of her work using the qualities of light to illuminate elusive and enigmatic figures; theatrical figures that occupy the small, ephemeral moments between larger happenings.

She paints intuitively, the details of each being unknown to her before painting commences, so that with each work there is a process of discovery.  By not titling the pieces, Tina shares this sense of discovery with her audience who are free to interpret each painting as they wish.

“They are challenging since they set the imagination at work and they do have that eminently approachable quality of delight”.

TJ McNamara, NZ Herald, November 28, 2009.

Tina has been exhibiting consistently in group and solo shows since she began painting seven years ago. Her works are held in private collections as well as that of the James Wallace Trust.

'Echo' - 2009 Satellite Gallery - NZ Herald Review

It's a clever artist who can draw you in.
Atmospheric, often surprising works give much food for thought and invite closer inspection

This is a week of very approachable art. The Satellite Gallery is showing more than 40 small untitled paintings by Tina Frantzen. Each one reveals a Rembrandtesque darkness in which a dim figure moves. These are Romantic; they wear long full dresses or armour. Sometimes they can barely be perceived at all when the light source is hidden. They nevertheless set the imagination working because they evoke old ballads and legends.

Vivid touches of red are part of their energy. They are painted with a skilled, rich, painterly flourish. This is evident when the little mysterious image also includes a heavy curtain when, with no more than a flourish of subdued colour, the painter suggests a thick brocaded material. The paintings make no great claims but we can hear the swish of skirts and a sense of ghostly presence.

All of these shows are quiet. They don't go in for grandeur or savagery or the latest thing from overseas. They are challenging since they set the imagination at work and they do have that eminently approachable quality of delight.

T J McNamara
NZ Herald

'Echo' - 2009 Satellite Gallery

Tina Frantzen's latest works are intimate, elusive, subtle and emotive; you can't help but embark on odysseys of your own in the hints of strange corridors and courtyards. Their intrigue is delightful and it remains the artist's intention that you find in them what you will.

There is a wealth of mystery to be found in Tina's work; the figures appearing in 'Echo' glow in their own right, forming their own sense of atmosphere. We are left searching for something in the dark corners, seeing only the glimmer of an ornate robe, or the feathery head-dress of some elusive warrior.

Shelley Hargis
Satellite Gallery Director

'Enter' - 2008 Satellite Gallery

Tina's emotive new exhibition Enter is the latest in a long series of works that employ entrances and passageways as a means of expressing absence, loss, hope and the unknown.

Employing repetition and installation style presentation she intensifies her imagery and themes both on and off the canvas. Her meditations become both philosophical and deeply personal, offered in rich layers of expressive paintwork.

Shelley Hargis
Satellite Gallery Director

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